Centre for Sustainable Food Production (CSFP)

Lethbridge College, Lethbridge, Alberta
What the facility does

Offers alternative sustainable food production systems to reduce organic waste and improve the efficacy of food systems at commercially viable scales

Areas of expertise

The Centre for Sustainable Food Production (CSFP) helps industry develop innovative technologies that supports research in the four identified pillars:

  1. Aerobic Bioreactor Technology Development to convert manure and other wastes into highly efficient, soluble fertilizers.
  2. Fertigation Technology Development to improve the delivery of soluble fertilizers by optimizing fertigation systems.
  3. Biopesticide Technology Development to improve organic crop production through optimized pest management (bio-pesticides).
  4. Vertical Aquaponics Technology Development to maximize greenhouse production through vertical aquaponics.
Research services

Applied Research; Consulting; Testing and Validation; System Design; System Scaling and Benchmarking; Process Optimization; Comparative Analysis for New Products; Market Analysis; Product Development and Support; Product Testing and other Technical Services; and Training and Education.

Sectors of application
  • Agriculture, animal science and food
  • Clean technology
  • Education
  • Environmental technologies and related services
  • Fisheries and aquaculture

Specialized Lab



Greenhouse Lab

Thermo Scientific iCAP RQ ICP-MS  

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy. Determination of trace elements in liquids and solids.

Greenhouse Lab

Thermo Scientific GalleryTM Multi-Functional Analyzer

Determination of nitrogen, phosphorous, sulfur and boron in liquids and organic solids

Greenhouse Lab

Hoskin Scientific Plant Stress Testing System

Testing plant stress in vivo



Current Projects



The college receives $1 million towards its Centre for Sustainable Food Production through the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s (CFI) College-Industry Innovation Fund (CIIF)