Human Mobility Research Lab

Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario
What the facility does

Clinical biomechanics, the development of tools for the quantitative analysis of human motion data, investigation of the pathomechanical factors of osteoarthritis

Areas of expertise

The Human Mobility Research Laboratory fosters interdisciplinary collaborations among engineering, orthopaedics, and rehabilitation that are essential to the focus and innovation of research and translation of knowledge into clinically important applications. The sophisticated equipment of the HMRL allows researchers to analyze joint angles, joint loading and muscle activation during everyday activities. The HMRL provides the necessary infrastructure needed for Queen’s to become a world leader in this new area of health care research.

Research services

Motion capture, cardiopulmonary analysis, joint angle and loading analysis, muscle force analysis

Sectors of application
  • Healthcare and social services
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment



Qualisys motion capture cameras

Real-time calculation and capture of anatomy during gait and high-demand activities. 

AMTI force platforms

Output centre of contact pressure under the foot as well as magnitude and direction of the ground reaction force throughout foot contact.

Delsys Trigno Wireless EMG

Surface-mounted muscle activation measurement with built-in tri-axial accelerometers.

AMTI Instrumented Tandem Treadmill

Captures force data continuously over many cycles and during high-demand incline or decline conditions.

AMTI stairway

Consecutive stair ambulation force capture. Mountable in the main motion capture volume on the AMTI force plates.

C-motion Visual 3D Professional (Sofware)

Processes and analyzes biomechanical metrics from force, motion and emg data.

  • Human Mobility Research Centre
  • Kingston General Hospital
  • Hôtel Dieu Hospital
  • HAS-motion



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