Alberta Motor Association Active Traffic and Demand Management (ATDM) Laboratory

University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta
What the facility does

Research on intelligent transportation systems and advanced traffic control, management and information systems

Areas of expertise

The Alberta Motor Association Active Traffic and Demand Management (ATDM) Laboratory is a unique facility for developing and testing intelligent transportation systems, which are high-tech solutions for traffic management. They include sensors that influence traffic signals at intersections and ramp metering on busy freeways to regulate traffic flow. The new facility will be used to apply such technology as sensor data integration, real-time tracking and data analysis to develop new solutions for traffic issues in Alberta.

Research services

Intelligent transportation systems, GPS tracking, traffic simulation, demand modelling and analysis, advanced traffic control and management, traffic information systems

Sectors of application
  • Automotive
  • Management and business related services
  • Policy and governance



Video wall

The video wall consists of 4 LCD monitors for real-time acquisition and display of the traffic video information.

Twenty-five radar sensors


Detectors are installed along the on-ramp and the main freeway of a test bed consisting of 12 km of Highway 2 (also known as Deerfoot Trail) in Calgary that extends from McKnight Boulevard NE to Peigan Trail SE. These sensors collect traffic data (i.e. traffic counts, densities and speed, queue) in real time.

GPS-enabled devices


These devices collect real-time trajectory and travel time data from test vehicles.

High-performance servers


Servers located at the University of Calgary Data Centre are dedicated to receiving, processing and archiving  real-time data video and real-time traffic data.

Specialized traffic and pedestrian simulator software


  • Alberta Motor Association
  • Alberta Ministry of Transportation
  • Econolite Canada Inc.
  • The City of Calgary
  • ENCOM Wireless Data Solutions
  • Dell Inc.
  • FLIR 360 Surveillance Inc.



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