Environmental Ergonomics Laboratory (EEL)

Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario
What the facility does

Studies on the effects of environmental stress on human physiology and performance

Areas of expertise

Our Environmental Ergonomics Lab (EEL) focuses on the effects of environmental stress (e.g. hot and cold temperatures, high altitude, cold water) on human physiology and performance. The key facilities include an unique environmental chamber (-30 C to +50 C and also oxygen control) along with an immersion facility (8 C -45 C). We have applied our knowledge and facilities to many occupations and industry, from testing and research and development with protective and athletic clothing manufacturers, developing hydration and safer environmental work systems for the military and firefighters, to aiding search and rescue and the Coast Guard in improving rescue models and planning.

Research services

Testing and research and development for thermal performance of clothing in both extreme cold and heat ennvironments, testing physiological responses to exercise and equipment interaction in extreme environments

Sectors of application
  • Consumer durables
  • Healthcare and social services
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment

Specialized lab



Environmental lab

Environmental chamber

Capable of simultaneously controlling temperature (-30 oC to +50 oC), humidity, and oxygen content (simulating altitudes of ~2,300 m).


Facility (-10 oC and lower) for testing manual function with hand-wear.


Extensive physiological monitoring systems for temperature, neuromuscular, and cardiovascular research.

Immersion lab

Immersion facility

Immersion facility capable of controlling temperature (8 oC - 45 oC) to permit testing of survival garments.

  • Mark’s Work Wearhouse
  • Toronto Fire Service
  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • National Research Council
  • Canadian Forces
  • Canadian Sport Centre Pacific