Flow Cytometry Core Facility - Centre for Biologics Evaluation

Health Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
What the facility does

Provides access to flow cytometry and cell sorting instruments, analysis software, and training/expertise for all phases of flow experiments

Areas of expertise

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility, located within the Biologics and Genetic Therapies Directorate, has multiple years of high level flow cytometry experience and is able to provide experience with small to larger flow cytometry panel design and optimization, having successfully worked with single colour to 16 colour panels. Continuing educational experiences are also routinely undertaken to ensure techniques employed are current.

The facility works with samples of all different types, including: primary human and animal cells, cell lines, bacteria, fungi, small particles, etc. The facility maintains an ISO9001 quality control environment to provide consistent and accurate data acquisition and sample handling.

The facility operates within a collaborative group, promoting cross disciplinary research and aiding one another to accomplish objectives. This collaborative group provides nearby access to animal facilities, separation sciences, and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) facilities.

Research services

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides access to two instruments, the LSR II flow cytometer and the FACSAria Fusion Cell Sorter. The LSR II is equipped with a high throughput system allowing for rapid analysis of samples. 

The facility emphasizes a learning atmosphere and provides training for all levels of flow cytometry: background, experimental planning and design, instrument usage, as well as data analysis and interpretation.

Although samples brought to the facility can be run by the facility manager, individuals may receive training to operate the LSR II on their own.

Sectors of application
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment




Flow cytometer with 4 lasers allowing for analysis of 11 markers and forward scatter and side scatter

High Throughput Sampler (for LSR II)

Allows for high throughput sampling using 96 or 364 well plates

FACSAria Fusion

5 laser cell sorter. Analyze 18 markers, forward scatter and side scatter. Simultaneous sorting of 4 populations.



Biologics and Genetic Therapies Directorate


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