Mineral Processing - CanmetMINING

Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
What the facility does

Conducts comprehensive research and testing of all aspects of a mineral processing plant, such as comminution, separation and flotation

Areas of expertise

Coarse particle flotation, flotation, magnetic separation, fine particle flotation, piloting of flowsheets, mineralogy and gravity separation

Research services

CanmetMINING provides unique expertise and a wide range of research and specialized services for its clients. The Business Office can arrange any of several forms of partnership to suit the particular needs of the client and to support Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and Government of Canada priorities. Amongst the most frequently used are cooperative and cost-recovery business agreements. In addition to conducting basic and applied research, demonstrations and testing, we provide guidelines on intellectual property, licensing and marketing strategies to facilitate the transfer of technology.

Sectors of application
  • Energy
  • Environmental technologies and related services
  • Mining, minerals and metals



Eriez HydroFloat

Recovers mineral particles >150 micrometers

Denver flotation machine

Used for laboratory flotation to recover valuable minerals

Eriez M#BM-0-RCS grinding mill

Grinds up to 10 kg of ore to liberate valuable minerals

Titan Laboratories grinding mill

Grinds ore to liberate valuable minerals

Sepro L40 Falcon concentrator

Uses centrifugal forces to separate minerals with a high specific gravity. For example, the separation of gold from gangue.

Deister Concentrator, 15-S Shaking table

Separates minerals with a high specific gravity

Met-Solve T100 MAT table

Separates minerals with a high specific gravity

Pilot plant (custom built)

Capacity of 20 kg/hr. To pilot various flowsheet for ore processing.

Cavitation flotation (custom built)

Uses micro bubbles to float fine particles

SELFRAG Lab High pulse generator

Uses high pulse voltage to induce cracks in the rocks

TM Engineering Slurry sample splitter

Divides slurry into representative samples

Eibenstock Attrition mill

Used for fine grinding

BICO Bond mill

Determines energy required for ball milling

Eriez N4/12-3K-23-11 High intensity wet magnetic separator

Separates magnetic minerals

Outotec MIH(13)111-5 Dry magnetic separator

Separates magnetic minerals

3D sizing apparatus (custom built)

Measures size distribution of rocks

Warman M12 Cyclosizer

Separates fine size fractions

  • Glencore
  • Freeport-McMoran
  • Cantung
  • Avalon
  • Quest
  • Commerce
  • GeoMega
  • Search
  • Matamec
  • Agnico Eagle (Goldex)