Innovation, Digital spaces, Equity, and Access Studies in STEAM (Ideass) Lab

Ontario Tech University (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), Oshawa, Ontario
What the facility does

Research on inclusive practices, environments, and policies that support science, technology and engineering innovation, with a focus on equity for science innovation.

Areas of expertise

The Innovation, Digital spaces, Equity, and Access Studies in STEAM (Ideass) Lab is an innovative multidisciplinary research facility dedicated to exploring how inclusive practices, environments, and policies can support science, technology, and engineering innovation.

Our team is comprised of international experts from multiple fields, including mathematics, engineering, leadership, chemistry, digitalization, economic development, and artificial intelligence. We take on a range of research problems about innovation and inclusion in the science fields, science education, and science industry. These research projects usually require multiple viewpoints and perspectives in exploring solutions. Our aim is to explore and implement groundbreaking developments in inclusion and innovation that increase access and equity for historically underrepresented people and increase innovation capacity for organizations.

Research services

The Ideass Lab conducts research on inclusive practices, environments, and policies, with the hopes of supporting innovation in various sectors. The facility analyzes data, evaluates policy, and conducts practical experimentation to further its goal of increasing diversity and inclusion in relevant fields.

Sectors of application
  • Education
  • Information and communication technologies and media
  • Management and business related services
  • Professional and technical services (including legal services, architecture, engineering)
Video equipment (tripods, video recorders, microphones)Large cameras, tripods, and microphones for recording and audio.
Research meeting roomsCollaborative space with technology support. For team meetings, interviews, and focus group sessions.