Engineering Laboratory

Transportation Safety Board of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
What the facility does

Engineering and technical services to determine the causes and contributing factors of air, marine, pipeline, and rail transportation accidents

Areas of expertise

The Transportation Safety Board Engineering Laboratory investigates whether mechanical, electrical, material, structural or other deficiencies contributed to accidents in the air, marine, pipeline and rail modes of transportation. The Lab also recovers, produces and analyzes information from various sources to piece together the sequence of events leading to accidents. Some examples of such data sources include on-board data recorders, other electronic devices such as global positioning systems (GPS) and cell phones, radar information, photographs, videos and site surveys.

Research services
  • Failure analysis of mechanical systems and powerplants
  • Failure analysis of electrical and electronic systems
  • Structural load and stress analysis
  • Crashworthiness analysis
  • Failure analysis of materials
  • Fire and explosion analysis
  • Photograph and video production, enhancement and recovery
  • Photogrammetry
  • Recovery, analysis and playback of vehicle on-board recorders
  • Non-volatile memory data recovery
  • Vehicle performance analysis and simulations
  • Event reconstructions and animations
  • Acoustic analysis
  • Radar analysis
Sectors of application
  • Aerospace and satellites
  • Transportation
Equipment Function
North Star Imaging (NSI) X500 Digital radiography and computed tomography system
Hitachi S-3600N with EDAX EDS Scanning Electron Microscope and accessories with EDAX energy dispersive X-ray system


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