Armand-Frappier Health and Biotechnology Research Centre

Université du Québec - Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS), Laval, Québec
What the facility does

Imaging platform for cell and tissue analysis.

Areas of expertise

Research at Institut Armand-Frappier is aimed at determining the endocrine disruptor effects on germ cell development and mammary gland development. To this end, we use rodent, cell culture and 3D culture models. We also have the necessary equipment to analyse tissular and cellular effects, by imaging and analysis of fluorescent biomarker expression.

Imaging, cell and tissue analysis: tissue preparation for histology, cryosections, stereomicroscopy, light microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, confocal and spectral microscopy, cell sorting, fluorescence analysis, analysis and imaging of living cells.

Research services

The infrastructure is used for the following purposes:

  • Histology (paraffin coating, microtomes and cryostat)
  • Microscopy (stereomicroscopy, optical microscopy, fluorescence microscopy and confocal microscopy)
  • Flow cytometry cell sorting (six colours, eight parameters)
  • Automated image analysis combined with a multimode plate reader
  • Real-time cell population analysis
Sectors of application
  • Agriculture, animal science and food
  • Chemical industries
  • Education
  • Environmental technologies and related services
  • Healthcare and social services
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment



Paraffin coating platform

Tissue coating


Histological sections



BD Biosciences FACSJazz cell sorter

Flow cytometry cell sorter (six colours, eight parameters); sorting of two populations or on culture plates

BioTek Cytation 5

Automated image analysis system combined with a multimode plate reader

Nikon confocal A1R+ microscope

Confocal microscope with a spectral detector and incubation chamber for analysing live cells

Leica LED3000 stereomicroscope

Stereomicroscope equipped with a camera, available under aseptic conditions

Zeiss Primostar optical microscope


Nikon Eclipse Ti-E inverted fluorescence microscope


xCELLigence RTCA systems

Real-time analysis of cell proliferation, death and migration