Materials Characterization Laboratory (uOttawa MCL)

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
What the facility does

Provides an extensive characterization service for microstructure and composition analysis as well as mechanical property characterization

Areas of expertise

The Materials Characterization Laboratory (uOttawa MCL) provides an extensive characterization service for analyzing the composition, structure and performance of advanced materials and multi-materials systems, covering the complete scale range from nanometre up to component size. While our clients are welcome to attend at all times, our multidisciplinary team, from the mechanical engineering and chemical and biological engineering departments, performs all aspects of the characterization work, from sample selection and preparation, observation and analysis and results presentation. This efficient approach frees our clients from undertaking any training and enables them to dedicate their time where it matters — integrating the results into the development of new materials and products. Our flexible, itemized hourly-based service allows our clients to proceed with characterization and analysis as required, at competitive and predictable costs.

Research services

Digital tomography scanner, dynamic fatigue testing, energy-dispersive spectrometry and electron backscatter diffraction, hardness test (micro and macro), variable-pressure scanning electron microscope, optical microscope, digital microscope, corrosion chamber

Sectors of application
  • Aerospace and satellites
  • Automotive
  • Clean technology
  • Energy
  • Environmental technologies and related services
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Mining, minerals and metals
  • Transportation


SkyScan micro-CT

Instron ElectroPuls™ E3000 electrodynamics instrument

Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS)

Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD)

Oxford Instruments INCA Synergy

Louis Small macrohardness tester

Struers Duramin-1 microhardness tester

Metallographic optical microscopy

Stereo microscope

Digital imaging

Corrosion chamber