Turbulence and Energy Laboratory

University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario
What the facility does

Investigates flow turbulence at a fundamental level and aims to harness this energy into engineering advantages

Areas of expertise
  • The Turbulence and Energy Laboratory is a catalyst, forging young minds into knowledgeable and responsible leaders via practical and/or curiosity-driven engineering challenges.  
  • Investigates flow turbulence at a fundamental level and aims to harness this energy into engineering advantages.
  • Focuses on flow turbulence in engineering systems such as wind turbines, underwater accumulators, burners, furnaces, engines and solar panels.
  • Designs energy applications with an intent to escalate conventional, current, and future energy technologies through advanced thermo-fluids analyses.
  • Studies the heat recovery application in various power cycles, flow-induced vibration of flexible circular cylinder, and hydrodynamics of compressed air in underwater energy storage.
Research services

Possesses a four-cylinder double-acting Stirling engine with rated power of 1 kW at 1500 RPM and an external combustion heat engine to convert any conventional or renewable energy. Equipped with a high-quality closed-loop wind tunnel which can provide speeds up to 36 m/s.

Sectors of application
  • Automotive
  • Clean technology
  • Energy
Closed-Loop Wind TunnelUp to 30 m/s; 0.4% background turbulence; 1.8 m long, 76 cm square cross-section
Dantec StreamLine 55C90 constant-temperature anemometerTriple hot-wire; 12-bit data acquisition
Convection Heat Transfer Test SectionConstant base temperature polytetrafluoroethylene plate; FLIR thermal camera
Stirling Engine – 12V DC WhisperGen MicroCHP1 kW power + 8 kW thermal; 4-cylinder alpha double acting Stirling cycle engine
High-Speed Camera – NAC HotShot CC (Compact Camera)Flow visualization; Vibration /Oscillation measurements
Force/Torque Transducers – ATI Gamma 6-componentDynamic force and torque measurements; -65 to 65 N with 0.0125 N resolution, -32 to 32 N with 0.00625 N resolution; 2.5 N-m with 0.0005 N-m resolution
  • Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE)
  • Essex Energy
  • Hydrostor
  • GeoSource Energy
  • Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG)
  • Union Water