Simulation and Digital Health Facility

National Research Council Canada, Boucherville, Québec
What the facility does

Simulation and digital health research software frameworks customizable for specific healthcare applications, including medical conditions, population types and clinical needs

Areas of expertise

The research within each software framework relies on domain specificity, with National Research Council Canada (NRC) biomedical software researchers supported by a strong network of clinical and industrial collaborators, thereby improving the efficiency of development and increasing user adoption. The research within each software framework is founded on scientific principles in physics, human-computer interaction, data science and neuroscience. This increases ecological validity and effectiveness of the developments, all-the-while assuming a level of risk in the implementation. All three software frameworks rely on NRC expertise and competencies in:

  • Connected health: medical software security/privacy, internet of medical things and intelligent frictionless interaction models for vulnerable populations
  • Cognitive health technologies: interactive immersive simulation, neuropsychology-based instructional design, neuro/bio sensing and human-computer interface
  • Biomedical data intelligence: applied biomedical data science, human-like virtual assistants
  • Bio-mechatronics: real-time interactive biomechanical models, modelling of manipulative interactions, including haptics, biomaterials science
Research services

NRC proposes to make available its three software frameworks (bActive/bTrained, bWell, bConnected), separately or in combination, in the context of collaborative agreements with industry, academics and clinicians. Research services work performed in the context of these software transfers could be:

  • Customized implementations specific to the individual projects
  • Agile-based iterative developments further to user feedback
  • Technical support in maximizing user adoption
  • Scientific support/supervision of highly qualified personnel in software adaptations
Sectors of application
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
bConnected research software frameworkRemote management of patient data and facilitating of patient-caregiver interactions
bWell research software frameworkInteractive multisensorial exercises for assessment and remediation of cognitive deficits and psychiatric disorders
bActive/bTrained research software frameworkInteractive simulation for manual tasks training of clinicians in healthcare delivery