Centre for Boreal Research

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Peace River, Alberta
What the facility does

Research on native plant and seed delivery for forest and peatland reclamation.

Areas of expertise

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) Centre for Boreal Research conducts applied research on plant and seed technologies that builds the capacity of oil and gas companies, reclamation SMEs, and First Nations Communities in order to meet ecological standards for the reclamation of well sites, resource roads, and pipeline corridors.

Research services

Native seed harvesting, seed viability, seed storage and longevity, seed enhancement, greenhouse production, field establishment

Sectors of application
  • Energy
  • Environmental technologies and related services
  • Forestry and forest-based industries
Specialized labEquipmentFunction
Research GreenhouseResearch Greenhouse2,600 square feet
Research GreenhouseControlled growing spaces (3) 
Research GreenhouseHeating and cooling system 
Research GreenhouseIrrigation system 
Research GreenhouseFertilizer mixers 
Soils LaboratorySoils Laboratory1,800 square feet
Soils LaboratorySoil mixer 
Soils LaboratoryWalk-in freezer 
Soils LaboratoryWalk-in refrigerator 
Soils LaboratorySeed counter 
Soils LaboratorySeed cleaner 
Soils LaboratoryColumn blower 
Soils LaboratorySeed Coater and Pelletizer 
Soils LaboratoryAutoclave 
Soils LaboratorySieve shaker 
Soils LaboratoryDrying Ovens 
Soils LaboratorySoil grinders and mixers 
Clean LaboratoryClean Laboratory1,200 square feet
Clean LaboratoryStereo microscopes 
Clean LaboratoryLab benches 
Clean LaboratoryFume hood 
Clean LaboratoryFridge and freezer 
Clean LaboratoryGermination chambers 
Clean LaboratoryGrowth chamber 
Clean LaboratorySeed Moisture Tester 
Clean LaboratoryMicro Weighing balance 
Clean LaboratoryUV-vis spectrometerUltraviolet–visible spectroscopy
Clean LaboratorypH and EC meterWater quality tester – acidity/ alkalinity and electrical conductivity
Clean LaboratoryLeaf Porometer 
Clean LaboratoryField Scout pH meter 
Clean LaboratorySample Shaker 
Clean LaboratoryWater bath 
Clean LaboratorySPAD-502 meterChlorophyll meter
Clean LaboratoryWater purification system 
HQP Training Laboratory (NAIT metro, Edmonton)Walk-in freezer 
HQP Training Laboratory (NAIT metro, Edmonton)Germination chambers 
HQP Training Laboratory (NAIT metro, Edmonton)Environmental controls 
HQP Training Laboratory (NAIT metro, Edmonton)Autoclave 
HQP Training Laboratory (NAIT metro, Edmonton)Precision balances 
HQP Training Laboratory (NAIT metro, Edmonton)Micrologger 
  • Paramount Resources
  • Higher Ground Consulting
  • Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
  • Apache Canada
  • Shell Canada Ltd.
  • Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd.
  • PennWest Exploration
  • Woodmere Nurseries
  • PRT Beaverlodge
  • Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
  • Memorial University
  • Wild Rose Consulting
  • InnoTech Alberta