Power Electronics and Drives Applications Lab (PEDAL)

Ontario Tech University (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), Oshawa, Ontario
What the facility does

Innovates power electronics' converters for IoT/Telecom, Smart Grid, and transportation electrification

Areas of expertise

Our vibrant team at Power Electronics and Drives Applications Lab (PEDAL)​​ enjoys exploring and inventing power electronics converters for the IoT/Telecom, Smart Grid and Transportation Electrification. This multimillion-dollar facility thrives off our team spirit, passion and belief and allows us to satisfy the industry needs.

Current research:

  • Power Electronics Applications in the area of Internet of Things (I)/5G.
  • Power train/Drives packages for automotive and railway.
  • Inverters for Smart Grid applications.
Research services

Our facility is currently working on:

  • Charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Innovations in the area of railway cars and Hyperloop design
  • Energy management solutions for electric vehicles
  • Innovative solutions in Transportation Electrification
  • Solutions for smart motor drives
  • Power supply for IoT applications
Sectors of application
  • Automotive
  • Clean technology
  • Construction (including building, civil engineering, specialty trades)
  • Environmental technologies and related services
  • Information and communication technologies and media
  • Professional and technical services (including legal services, architecture, engineering)



Wind Turbine Test Module

Test wind turbine modules

Photovoltaic Inverter Test Module

Test solar inverters

Linear Motor Test Rig

Magnetic modeling and testing of newly developed motors

Hyperloop Test Track

Hyperloop prototype integration station

Electric Car Propulsion Simulator

Electric car testing module used mainly in the on-campus electric car testing facility ACE for our projects

Typhoon Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) prototyping stations

Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) module

Bidirectional Power Interface Testing Prototype

Charging station interface protocol

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
  • Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE)
  • Mitacs
  • Grundfos
  • Armstrong Fluid Technology
  • Transport Canada
  • Bombardier (currently Alstom Transport)
  • Inmotive Inc.
  • Emphatec Inc.