Geofluids Lab

University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan
What the facility does

Characteristics and modeling of geofluids

Areas of expertise

The Geofluids Lab at the University of Regina conducts research related to characterization and modeling of geologic fluids (geofluids). The main research areas are fluid inclusion analysis and numerical modeling of fluid flow and reactive mass transport, and their application in the study of mineral and petroleum systems.

Research services

Fluid inclusion microthermometry, Raman spectroscopy of fluids and minerals, Scanning Electron Microscope – Energy Dispersive Spectrometry (SEM-EDS) analysis of minerals, numerical modeling of geofluids flow systems

Sectors of application
  • Energy
  • Mining, minerals and metals
Heating-Freezing StagesMicrothermometric analysis of fluid inclusions, including aqueous, hydrocarbons, and melt inclusions and inclusions in opaque minerals
Laser Raman SpectroscopyAnalysis of composition of fluid inclusions; determination of minerals
Computation workstations equipped with software including FLAC3D, TOUGHREACT, Geochemist’s Workbench, Basin2, BsnModNumerical modeling of fluid flow, fluid-rock reaction, and reactive mass transport
  • Saskatchewan Geological Survey
  • Geological Survey of Canada
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Orano Canada Inc.
  • Cameco Corporation
  • China University of Geosciences
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • East China University of Technology