Canadian Feed Research Centre (CFRC)

University of Saskatchewan, North Battleford, Saskatchewan
What the facility does

Precision research diet production and research on feed processing and interactions with ingredients.

Areas of expertise

Global animal protein production is growing annually and feed processing will increasingly become important in the conversion of low quality feedstock into safe, nutritious food for farm and companion animals. The Canadian Feed Research Centre is a unique facility that incorporates laboratory, pilot line and industrial feed processing capacity. The laboratory can accommodate new technology for evaluation. The pilot scale feed processing line is well-equipped for comparing feed processing parameters and capturing information on production costs and throughput.  Pilot scale technology includes various particle-size reduction lines, pelleting equipment, extrusion, steam flaking, and vacuum coating. Pelleting equipment can facilitate 1MT to 20 MT of pellet production per hour, as an example.  

Research services

Feed equipment testing, feed manufacturing, feed mixing, certification of diet additions, prototyping, analytical measures of feed quality

Sectors of application
  • Agriculture, animal science and food
  • Fisheries and aquaculture
  • Management and business related services

Specialized lab



Pilot scale line

Muyang / Famsun

50 to 500kg / mix double paddle mixer.


RMS – four  pairs of rollers

Ability to modify particle size with up to four pairs of rollers.


Pelleter (three sizes)

Pelleting diets at 1, 4 or 20 MT/hr


Extrusion (Muyang / Famsun)

Twin screw extrusion; 350kg/hr


Steam flaking

Three MT steam chest; AT Ferrell flaker


Vacuum coating

Two units; 50-100kg and 100-500kg (Muyang / Famsun)