Canadian Surgical Technologies & Advanced Robotics (CSTAR)

Western University (The University of Western Ontario), London, Ontario
What the facility does

Research in minimally invasive surgery and therapy, and surgical simulation and skills assessment.

Areas of expertise

Research and innovation in computer-assisted medical  intervention, focusing on systems and devices for robotics-assisted minimally invasive surgery and therapy (MIST); developing novel approaches for effective and efficient surgical training and skills assessment; haptics and teleoperation in robotics-assisted MIST.

Research services

Robotic surgery, hapticssurgical training, surgical simulation, medical mechatronics systems and devices

Specialized lab




Mimic simulator

Model: dv-Trainer

Virtual reality simulator of the da Vinci surgical robot


NanEYE Microcamera

Model: 2C Stereo USB

2.5 x 1.2 mm camera


Olympus Bronchoscope

Model: Evis Exera II (CV 180, CLV 180)



Ultrasonix Ultrasound System

Model: SonixTouch



Raven surgical robotic system

Model: RavenII



ATI force/torque sensors (6 units):

Model: gamma (3), nano43 (2), nano17(1)



Atometric 5 axis CNC Micromachine

Model: 4G



Quanser Haptic Devices (2 units).

Model: HD2 and Required Interfacing Components

Haptic (sense of touch) devices


NDI Electromagnetic trackers (2 units)

Model: Aurora Box and Table Top



Tektronix Oscilloscope

Model: MDO4104-6 Mixed Domain



Matrox frame grabbers (4 units)

Model: Orion HD (2), VIO (2)



Zaber xyz Linear Stages (2 sets)

Model: KT-LSM050A and T-LSR300B

Zaber Rotary Stages (2 units)

Model: T-RSW



ValleyLab Microwave Ablation System

Model: MW Ablation



ValleyLab Radio Frequency Ablation System

Model: Cool-tip Radiofrequency



Skytron Electro-hydraulic surgical Tables (2 units)

Model: 6701 Hercules