Open-loop boundary layer wind tunnel

University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario
What the facility does

Research on wind-related civil and environmental engineering issues and response of civil structures, local wind environment, wind energy, snow drifting and accumulation, air quality

Areas of expertise

The open-loop low-speed boundary layer wind tunnel at the University of Windsor is a suction type wind tunnel. It is designed for conducting studies of wind-related civil and environmental engineering issues. The total length of the wind tunnel is 17.6 meters and the length of the flow development region is about 7.2 meters. The test section has a cross-sectional dimension of 1.82 meters (H) by 1.82 meters (W). A turn table, 1.5 meters in diameter, locates in the test section. A 7-blade axial-flow fan with a diameter of 1.7 meters is driven by a 60 horsepower AC motor to generate a maximum wind speed of 15m/s.

Researchers here conduct wind tunnel tests on scale model which produces replicas of the study structure and its surroundings to measure wind-induced cladding pressures and wind-induced loads acting on the structure. We perform both qualitative 3D desktop study and quantitative wind tunnel test for pedestrian wind study to maintain comfortable and safe pedestrian level wind conditions that are appropriate for the season and the intended use of the pedestrian areas. In addition, researchers also carry out wind tunnel tests to study snow drifting and accumulation, as well as air quality.

Research services

The research conducted, and the engineering services provided by the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel at the University of Windsor (BLWT-UW) include:

  • Cladding pressure of building structures
  • Wind-induced loads on structures
  • Wind-induced responses of structures
  • Pedestrian level wind environment
  • Snow drifting and accumulation
  • Air quality
  • Wind energy
Sectors of application
  • Construction (including building, civil engineering, specialty trades)



Open-loop low-speed boundary layer wind tunnel

Conduct research related to wind-related civil and environmental issues